• me: forgets i'm wearing eyeliner
  • me: rubs eyelid
  • me: who the hell is bucky




「紅組」_「.Axis.」の漫画 [pixiv].htm

Daredevil though :3

Deadpool’s little Spidey charm gets me every time I see this.

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The haunting beauty of Germany’s WWII bomb craters.

[Images: Henning Rogge]

Huh. What a weird concept, honestly. Will be thinking about this framing.

This reminds me a lot of the craters at Pointe du Hoc in Normandy. Rather than fill in the craters left in the wake of the D-Day invasion, the French left them as a testament to the destruction of war.

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"You know, I can hear you both. I am a celestial being.”

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"Despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not.”

"Despair is only for those who see the end beyond all doubt. We do not.


‘You ran away from home?’
‘When I was about sixteen,’ said Sirius. ‘I’d had enough.’
‘Where did you go?’ said Harry, staring at him.
‘Your dad’s place,’ said Sirius. ‘Your grandparents were really good about it; they sort of adopted me as a second son.’

(and I know this set will probably be confusing to some people since a lot of people like Kristin Scott Thomas as Walburga but she’s always been Mrs. Potter to me)

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do you ever just finish a book and sit there for a while like what the fuck did this author just do to me

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